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BMS office cost comparison

  Classic office using in Dresden   BMS Service-Office  
  Your monthly costs: Euro   Your monthly costs: Euro
  1. Rent 60 sqm à 8,00 480,00   Office with full service
(medium-sized, 1-2 workstations)
  2. Additional costs à 2,00 €/qm 120,00   including:
  3. Heating/Electr. à 1,10 €/qm 66,00   All additional costs, Heating/electricity
  4. Furniture/equipment leasing
   (total investment of 6.150,00)
170,00   Furniture/ equipment one workstation
Use of modern office equipment
  5. Consumables 25,00   Cleaning service
  6. Cleaning 80,00   Hospitality service, Telephone service
        and Facsimile service in case of absence (up to 8h/day) 179,00
  Monthly sub-total: 1.226,00   Monthly sub-total: 869,00
  plus secretary labour costs:
Answering phone calls
reception of visitors
Desk work
General office work
  plus secretary labour costs:
Word processing
General administration
Charged according to requirements
e.g. actual working
  Gross salary (min) 1.540,00   per month: 40h à 26€/h 1.040,00
  + Employee benefit costs 770,00  
  Total labour costs (without
substitute during vacation,
sick leave, maternity leave)
  Monthly fixed costs: 3.536,00   Monthly fixed costs BMS: 1.909,00