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“Sächsische Unternehmer” 1999

Offices incl. full-service starting from 360 €

Office service of the 21st century

Largely visible, the probably most famous building of Dresden known by almost everybody tops the silhouette of the city. The oriental building at the Weisseritzstrasse is not only mentioned in every travel guide but became, besides the Rathausturm (tower of the city hall), Canaletto Skyline and the Zwinger, one of Dresden's landmarks.

In 1908/09, the cigarette factory owner Hugo Zietz, erected this building as a manufacturing facility and misled the city council that prohibited a factory facility on these premises. The chimney for example was constructed as a minaret. Numerous Moorish style elements were to remind of the countries of origin of the different tobacco blends that were processed in the Yenidze. In 1925, the Reemtsma group took over the manufacturing of cigarettes, which had been continued, after a partial destruction of the building, until 1953. Then, the Yenidze served as depot and administration centre of the Dresden tobacco branch. In 1991 started the planning for a reconstruction and multiple use of this attractive eye-catcher.
At the beginning of 1998, the Büro and Marketingservice (BMS) took over the service management of the Yendize and offered a completely new service. Here, one does not only rent an office but experiences a new form of support and service. Therefore, it is not astonishing that the Yendize is rented at over 70 percent of its capacity despite of an supersaturated office market in Dresden.
When asked about the secret of his success, BMS owner Steffen Herbst explains that "initially, we reconstructed the building in order to fit customers that seek an exclusive and reasonable business location. An office in the Yenidze can be rented at 360 € per month only."
Steffen Herbst offers a range of services that are included in the rent: Reception of customers, office furniture, use of a conference room, costs for electricity, water, heating and cleaning.
The tenant can prepare himself for an international aura on all floors, divided into small office units with a central secretariat. Whether special personal leasing services, marketing services, call centre or event management services ,to state only a few, - anything is possible in the Yenidze. The services can also be used individually, for example the use of the business address of the Yendize, combined with mail, telephone and fax services, customer reception and limited use of a day-time office is already available at only 115 € per month.

Conference office for companies

For their conferences, companies can rent fully-equipped conference offices or conference rooms of different sizes and will also receive culinary catering services provided by the restaurant in the Yenidze’s dome. Even the dome itself can be rented for various events.
After an exhausting day of negotiations, the business partner can be invited to relax on Dresden’s most beautiful summer terrace, providing a marvellous view of the city.

An ideal business location

Whether for branch offices or sales offices, commercial representatives, travelling business people or agencies, associations or brokers, journalists, advertising merchants, small business entrepreneurs or foreign offices – according to the requirements of the company, each customer receives a customised and individual service package.
A final word has to be said about Steffen Herbst. He has been a citizen of Saxony before the fall of the Iron Curtain and passed his apprenticeship in a Stuttgart based office service. He was in the right place at the right time when, in autumn of 1997, a company with a new office concept for the Yenidze was needed. On 1 April 1998, things got started and already one year later, the concept proved right. "A company of the month" that ought to be got to know!

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