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Business Center at Brühl

Great prospects of success

Hard workers should be able to choose the best place Leipzig has to offer to earn their money. Here, from the very beginning, the Business Center at Brühl, offers the perfect conditions: central location, ideal transport connection and top class services.

Here, you are able to intensively prepare for and focus on your business successes; and to celebrate and enjoy them afterwards. We are equipped for everything: Congresses, Events, product presentations, and in the shopping center you will find everything needed for your living, including small conveniences.

Best prerequisite for successful business

The Business Center at Brühl in the heart of Leipzig represents a center for business, office services, conferences and congresses. Under one roof, you can find congresses and product presentations.


Our rooms in the Paulaner Palace

Interior views

Reception Reception Reception Office 3 Office 3 Office 8 Office 8 double office Office 8 second room Office 8 sitting corner conference room conference room conference room Office 11 Office 7 Office 17 Office 17 Office 17 sitting corner Kitchen floor WC shower flower

Exterior views

Nordstraße 17 View at Nordstraße 21 left Entrance Nordstraße 17 Entrance Nordstraße 17 Mirror Nordstraße 17

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