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The stages of Dresden’s history

1.400 BC et sqq.

Lusatian culture of farmers and stock farmers in the Elbe area


first documentary mention of Dresden


Frederick Augustus I (later Augustus II the Strong) becomes Elector of Saxony


construction of the Zwinger


occupation of Dresden by Prussia


Saxony becomes a kingdom


erection of the synagogue


opening of the railway between Dresden and Leipzig; Germany’s first intercity railway


construction of the Gemaeldegalerie (picture gallery) by Semper


Foundation of “Dresdner Bank”


Construction of the Yenidze (tobacco branch office) in pseudo-oriental architectural style by Martin Hammitzsch for tobacco manufacturer Hugo Zietz


Dresden becomes the capital of Saxony

1938, 9./10. Nov.

Reichs-Progrom-Night/Reichs-Kristallnacht in Dresden, destruction of the Jewish synagogue

1945, 13./14. Feb.

Destruction of Dresden
The city centre is destroyed by Anglo-american bomber formations. The suburbs are heavily damaged. More than 30,000 people die, the city is in ruins and occupied by Soviet forces.

1945, 8. May

invasion of Dresden by the 5th army guard of the Soviet armed forces

50s to 80s

Beginning of the reconstruction of historic buildings, such as Kreuzkirche, Hofkirche, Semper gallery, Japanese Palais, the Altstadt guard-house, the opera, but also demolition of historic buildings of the baroque era and the 19th century.


The provincial governments of the former GDR are cancelled out (rescission of the federal state of Saxony). Creation of districts, Dresden becomes one of 14 district capitals.

1989 (autumn)

Revolution in Eastern Germany – the SED party’s government cannot sustain and the political change follows. In Dresden, in the context of a peaceful citizens' movement, a round table is set up in the town hall.


Resurgence of the Free State of Saxony, Dresden becomes provincial capital


licence agreement between the World Trade Centre Association (WTCA), New York, and the constructor of the World Trade Centre Dresden, Büll & Dr. Liedtke group of companies, Hamburg (21.12.1992) )


27. May - official beginning of the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche.


For the most part completion of the construction of the WTC in Dresden and beginning of the tenancy.


Reopening of the Yenidze


Certification of the WTC Dresden as "Centre of Excellence", due to quality of tenant composition, efficient facility management and the service catalogue as a whole.


Beginning of the construction of the new synagogue at the place of the formerly destroyed Semper synagogue. This represents the first new building of a synagogue in the New Laender.

2002, August

flood of the century: The Elbe river reaches a high water level of 9.40m. The historic Altstadt and many other quarters are flooded. The total volume for instauration of various parts of the city’s infrastructure amounts to 351 m. Euros. 665 projects have been approved eligible for benefit.

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